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Laboratory accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025 – BELAC Certificate n° 588-Test

Do you want to evaluate the impact of your activity or your future project on the local environment to ensure that it complies with various regulatory provisions?


Odometric can perform air dispersion modelling for you.


A model which takes into account many factorsModélisation

Air dispersion modelling is a tool which can be used to assess the impact of a source (industrial activity) on air quality.

Odometric uses a database of weather data and various modelling systems (ADMS, Aermod, Austal) to meet all possible situations.

These tools allow us to work on simple odour sources but also take into account the effects of buildings and terrain. The data generated shows average concentrations, percentiles, rolling averages, maximum concentrations, and detection frequencies.

For more complex situations, Odometric has developed partnerships with companies who specialise in 3D modelling, in particular with Technova.modelisation 3D


Evaluate the impact of your activity using an air dispersion model, contact Jean-François Thomas