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Laboratory accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025 – BELAC Certificate n° 588-Test

Odometric measures the odour by acting as an interface between industrial operators, local residents and public authorities


A team of experts in Belgium and France

Odometric is a spin-off from the University of Liege, based on its Arlon campus. In 2005 within the Environment Monitoring Department of the ULg, Julien Delva mastered and developed the techniques and tools that would become the core business of Odometric.

Created in 2008 based on initial research results, Odometric is now an independent public limited company with offices in Belgium and France.

In just a few years, Odometric has brought together and trained a multi-disciplinary team of experts

Odometric offers services to private sector and community stakeholders.

Rewarded and encouraged by several awards including 1,2,3 Go and the Walloon Entrepreneurship Grand Prix (Grand Prix Wallon de l’Entrepreneuriat), Odometric is committed to sustainable development.

We currently respond to calls for tenders in Belgium, France, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Switzerland and beyond across Europe.


Resolving odour problems to meet the request of the actors involved

Odometric does not approach odour problems in the same way as other organisations. Odours are the second highest source of complaint in our regions. This is a complex pollution problem because it affects the senses and is not acceptable to the local population.

Measuring odours in the same way as measuring a chemical or physical level does not provide a sufficient result. Here at Odometric we go further, by acting as an interface between industrial operators, local residents and public authorities. Each stakeholders is prompted to react to odour problems, but each has their own language and sensitivity, which means that actual dialogue is not possible. We have identified that this dialogue and associated respect is the key to conflict resolution and to build trust so people can “live together”.

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