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Laboratory accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025 – BELAC Certificate n° 588-Test

Choose responsible management of pollutant flow

Capture of pollutant emissions is often confused with the ventilation of premises. However, these related issues require different measurements to be taken.


Prélèvement d'odeur dans une cheminée

Responsible management of pollutant flow is essential

  1. Protect against problems relating to the health of workers.
  2. Anticipate corrosion in buildings.
  3. Drastically reduce power consumption by ventilation systems.

 We measure your flows at different points :

– Chimney samples to check the conditions of discharge.

Analyse d'odeur - problèmes d'odeur

– Ventilation or capture networks to read or optimise these systems.

These measurements may be combined with smoke tests to understand the building’s airflow.                                                                                  

The rate of ventilation of premises can also be evaluated by the use of tracer gases such as SF6.


Measure your pollutant flow, contact Jean-François Thomas