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Laboratory accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025 – BELAC Certificate n° 588-Test

Compare the odour present against a reference scale.

Odometric : analysis of fragrance.


Odour intensity measurement

When characterising an odour it is often necessary to determine its intensity, i.e. its “strength”. This odour measurement is useful when it is necessary to measure the impact of odours in the environment or when evaluating what local residents can perceive.

This measurement conforms with NFX 43-103Intensité d'odeur

Odour intensity measurements involve comparing the odour present against a reference scale of various levels of dilution of a standard compound, n-butanol or pyridine. It is performed by a specially trained odour panel.

This technique of odour measurement conforms with French standard NFX 43-103.

This measurement can be carried out directly on site, making it possible to quickly classify the odour level into intensity classes.

It is useful to categorise the odour sources on site, or to characterise the potential detection in the environment.

This technique is recommended for creating olfactory reports before and after installation.

Measure the odour intensity, contact Julien Delva.