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Laboratory accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025 – BELAC Certificate n° 588-Test

Do you have to measure your emission ?

Odometric takes samples of your emissions for analysis.


Prélèvement des odeurs en cheminéeFor analysis of the impact of your activity on air quality, for emissions or immissions, your sampling strategy is just as important as the measurement itself.


Prélévement d'odeur sur cartouche

We offer various different sampling techniques, passive or active: sparging, cartridge sampling, cassettes or bags.

Our sampling teams are qualified and trained for work at height or in hazardous areas.

Once collected, samples will be analysed in our olfactometric laboratory to determine the nature of the odours and their concentration. If you require detailed measurement of the concentration of pollutants, compounds emitted into the atmosphere, these samples can be analysed by a specialized partner laboratory.




sampling and samplesLet’s sampling and analyse of your samples, contact Jean-François Thomas.