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Laboratory accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025 – BELAC Certificate n° 588-Test

Do you want real time measurements for chemical compounds or odours in the ambient air?


Odometric provides you e-nose and sensors for odour monitoring



FIDOR® e-nose, odour monitoring

Some gases and odours require continuous measurement over a weeks, months or years. These measurements can be taken by installing sensors which detect certain gases or dusts, or by using an electronic nose.

Our Research & Development team has developed an electronic nose (e-nose). This system, which includes a network of sensors, enables continuous measurement of odours on industrial sites.

Our electronic noses are capable of recognising an odour signature as they react to the chemical elements it contains, according to its concentration in the air.

This system is recommended for use for analysis and monitoring, where there is a need to reduce nuisance and the impact of an activity on the surrounding air quality.

Our e-nose systems are custom made according to the the site specifications and the nature of the industrial activity.


A network of sensors to evaluate particle content

Odometric has expertise and an in-depth knowledge of a variety of suppliers. This helps us to select the correct type of sensor and assist you in the implementation of this solution.

Our technology watch in this sector allows us to constantly evolve our offering, and to always provide the best proven and tested technology that is available on the market.


Monitor the odours emanating from your activity, contact Julien Delva.