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Laboratory accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025 – BELAC Certificate n° 588-Test

How could you continually manage environmental odour in order to meet the needs of industry, authorities and local residents?

Odometric has developed a tool for real-time monitoring of odour pollution with local residents


Odour surveyHow does an odour observation group work?

This tool involves the joint participation of local residents and experts, to form an assessment panel for continuous odour evaluation. This observation of odours allows you to take into consideration observations made by local residents in real time and to provide a fast explanation for their unhappiness.

The Odometric website has a dedicated area for panel members to share their observations.

Local residents are regularly asked to:

• Describe the odour using list of examples

• Specify odour intensity and strength

• Describe the level of discomfort


What is an observation group used for?

An odour observation group serves as:

An alarm system, to alert the site operator when unusual odours are reported by the residents.

A monitoring system, in that it provides regular information to the operator and the local residents, allowing a better understanding of the average odour impact of the activity.

A validation system, which allows you to verify the effectiveness of solutions and improvements that have been implemented.

A tool for dialogue and communication. The odour observation group facilitates dialogue with local residents. The website allows you to leave comments and to send messages to participants. Concern by an operator for their local area also improves the company’s image, and can meet requirements for EMAS or ISO 14001 certification, or your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy.


Organize an odour observation group, contact Virginie Hutsemekers.