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Laboratory accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025 – BELAC Certificate n° 588-Test

You have an air treatment unit, but have you evaluated its condition recently ?
Odometric checks the configuration of your air treatment units to ensure adequate performance and energy consumption.



Check the performance of your installation

Odometric can conduct an audit of your air treatment units.

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Depending on the situation, we can suggest technical improvements. We can also train your staff to improve the management of your facilities.

Our recommendations and advice aim to help you maximise the efficiency and performance of your facilities. By following our advice you can make savings on your consumption of energy and reagents.


Our audit and the resulting recommendations cover the entire process: from capture of pollutants to their treatment. Air treatment can performed using active carbon, scrubber systems, biofiltration, catalysts, ozonators or oxidation.



Reduce your operating costs

With optimisation and sound monitoring of your air treatment systems, operating costs can be reduced by 20-50 percent depending on the system and its age.

Odometric can help you learn how to better secure your investments and meet your environmental obligations while reducing the consumption costs for energy and reagents.


Audit and monitor your air treatment facilities, contact Pierre Cobut.